Hi! My name is Eric Alan Guenthner. I am a graphic designer currently residing in Madison, Wisconsin. I have always had a fascination with visual art. An original passion of mine is choreographing and creating art through movement. I realized I find that same joy when creating pieces of art digitally. Bold colors, clean type, and daring contrast are just a few elements that led me to love the world of art and design. 


I take pride in every freelance design project – from year-long campaigns to a logo and packaging. Some feelings you just can’t explain, and one of them is creating work that a client is just as excited about as I am. I hope to continue to work on a variety of projects, whether that be by mastering a brand as an in-house designer or by learning new and exciting things every day. 


Feel free to shoot me an email if you'd like to chat, collaborate, or pick my brain with a few questions.

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